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About IWOMmaster

What is IWOMmaster ?

IWOM is not only changing communications in terms of advertising, PR, marketing, sales, human resources and customer service, it is changing business. These changes go beyond ‘communications’. IWOM’s transformation of the relationship between brands and consumers means that it has relevance across the entire organization. The fact that it impacts so many areas of the organization means that it should not be “siloed” in any one of them. It is not only that each function needs to adapt or be ‘socialized’, but that the entire organization may need to be redesigned or at least ‘recalibrated’ to fully leverage social media and IWOM and become a social business.

Every business needs to be a social business. One that is leverages the power of social interactions occurring inside and outside the organization. If every business needs to become a social business, every business needs the ‘software’ to enable that competency. Just as ERP systems enable more effective management of enterprise resources across the organization, and CRM systems enable more effective customer relationships management across the organization, a social business support system enables more effective use of social business intelligence across the organization.

IWOMmaster is the first class social business support system (SBSS) in China which independently developed by CIC: An integration of tools and services that empower enterprises including brands, agencies, and media to establish, develop and manage their own social business knowledge, applications and network inside and outside the organization.


CIC has positioned itself as China’s leading provider of social business information which based on technology, research and consulting. Early in 2004, we started to develop and utilized the technique and service of the social business supported system, such as “IWOMdiscover“, “Chinese net text mining technique”, “data managing technology”, “multi-dimensional comments data and text exhibit technology”. We have been the first choice of Chinese online evaluation for most transnational enterprises. In June 1, 2009, CIC released IWOMmaster, the first Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) analytics and service dashboard in China. In Match of 2010, CIC officially established the IWOMmaster platform as the first Social Business Support System in China. Over the past two years, when facing the complex internet communities and the semanteme, meaning of Chinese, according to the different needs of customers, we had perfected IWOMmaster constantly. May 20th, 2011, IWOMmaster has recently been upgraded, which stronger its feature and advantages.


Feature One: Perspective: IWOMmaster was China’s first research and management platform for social media. It is the first social business support system; the design, functions and application of technology are all based on CIC’s 6 years of developing market leading technology and social media research and consulting. This intelligence and insight was drawn on at each stage of IWOMmaster development.


Feature two: Conformability: IWOMmaster brings together three leading technical tools: IWOMdiscover is the most flexible IWOM observation system; IWOMexplorer is the most advanced social media analytics platform; IWOMcooperator is China’s first and foremeost real-time social media monitoring and asset management platform. Users can utilize the three products to realize Social SMMS, Social CRM and IWOM observation, supported by CIC’s leading social media research and consulting service.


Feature Three: Practicality: IWOMmaster is an open system, meaning every module can neatly combine with other platforms. It can also be customized to meet diverse needs. IWOMmaster is a platform that never stops learning, assymilating the latest trends of China’s developing social media to incorporate new functions, modules and applications. For example, in September of 2010, CIC launched China’s first social media management platform “IWOMcooperator” with initial implications for microblog management, interactivity, marketing, monitoring and analysis. CIC has developed the platform with many Fortune 500 corporations and optimized it according to their different needs. Now, IWOMcoorperator can allow brands to manage their accounts, facilitate teamwork and task assignment, monitor related real-time information, interact with their followers and analyze the developing trends in China’s digital space. Please email us at for more information.