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About Social Business

CIC has been pushing the concept of social media in China since 2004. In 2005, we coined and registered in China the term “Internet Word of Mouth” (IWOM). In our 2007 definition of IWOM, we wrote that we chose IWOM over "social media" because we believe that "buzz" is more than just a media, it is also consumer insight and it is a "community" in which stakeholders can participate. Since our coining of the term, we are proud and excited that since then, IWOM has become the standard in China to refer to "social media" or "buzz" and its related technology, research and consulting industry.

We believe the time has come to officially propose what we see is a necessary and significant shift in mindset. IWOM is not only changing communications via advertising, PR, marketing, sales, human resources, and customer service, it is changing business. These changes are beyond just "communications". For example, as we have chronicled many times over the years, sales is being impacted by the phenomenon of "group purchase". Customer service is being impacted with the scale and pressure of IWOM is making it difficult for brands to develop an effective strategy or structure to respond to so many requests for help. Compared to the changes brought about by the digital revolution, we believe the changes brought about what we are calling the social business revolution will be fundamentally greater.

Every business is a SOCIAL BUSINESS.

IWOM’s transformation of the relationship between brands and consumers means that it has relevance across the entire organization. The fact that it impacts so many areas of the organization means that it should not be “siloed” in any one of them. It is not only that each function needs to adapt or be ‘socialized,’ but that the entire organization may need to be redesigned or at least ‘recalibrated’ to fully leverage social media and IWOM and become a social business. 

Social Business: social business is an organization designed consciously around social tools, social media and social networks, as a response to outgrowth of web 2.0 technology and its reshaping brand-consumer communication and business disciplines.

In short, every business needs to be a social business; one that is leverages the power of social interactions occurring inside and outside the organization.



If every business needs to become a social business, every business needs the ‘software’ to enable that competency. Just as ERP systems enable more effective management of enterprise resources across the organization, and CRM systems enable more effective customer relationships management across the organization, a social business support system enables more effective use of social business intelligence across the organization. 


Social Business Support System(SBSS): An integration of tools and services that empower enterprises including brands, agencies, and the media to establish, develop and manage their own social business knowledge, applications and network inside and outside the organization. 

CIC is well positioned to be leading provider of social business intelligence in China and we are building a first class social business support system to achieve this mission. In fact, we have been developing and applying the technology and services at the core of SBSS since 2004. We have successfully mapped IWOM solutions across scores of multinationals in China. We have an unmatched position and service brand in China and have core tools including IWOMdiscover, IWOMexplorer and IWOMcooperator, tools which cannot only be used by multinationals, but also SME, agencies, media, and even individual marketers. Our IWOMmaster is nicely wrapping up and being bolstered with different services and applications to serve the needs of multiple stakeholders for social business intelligence via a single system.


On the 20th of May 2011, IWOMmaster, China’s first Social Business Support System was upgraded. The new version enables IWOMmaster to be even more flexible in meeting the challenges and opportunities of social business. Not only does it combine Social Media Management System (SMMS) and Social CRM functions, it also enables detailed IWOM monitoring, analytic insight and social media asset management for the most recent Chinese social media platforms including microblogs. IWOMmaster’s practical implications are wide ranging, incorporating client service, training and research & consulting, to help brands embrace the social business revolution.


  • IWOMdiscover – Social media monitoring engine(Visit Website)

    Provides 24/7 real time internet monitoring and tracking of social platforms including Weibo, SNS, forums, blogs, news portals, video sites and social Q&A.
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  • IWOMexplorer – Social media analytic center(Visit Website)
    Leading Chinese semantic data mining and analysis technology that provides internet word of mouth reports for sales and marketing professionals to focus on their the right contents and key customers.
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  • IWOMcooperator – Social media engagement platform(Visit Website)
    A social management platform for multiple social networking account management that’s complete with tracking and analysis of each account.
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The business and the requirements of a social business support system will be fundamentally different for each market, especially in China’s market. The Chinese social media landscape is more diverse and more complex than any other: consumers use social media in different ways, the needs of marketers and other business professionals are different and the organization structures and cultures are different. CIC is sitting ‘front row, center’ of the Chinese social media and social business revolution and is best prepared to help clients to not only manage the challenges that social business intelligence brings, but thrive as a result.