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What is IWOMcooperatorTM?

IWOMcooperatorTM is China’s first online service platform for social media monitoring and engagement, developed in association with the key proponents of China’s social media landscape. The dashboard combines enterprise-class applications with the real-time marketing demands of modern social media, facilitating multi-account management, efficiency boosting synergic cooperation, dynamic monitoring and analysis, efluencer identification and integrated marketing management services.


IWOMcooperatorTM unique features:

  1. Multi-account management, together with dynamic, real-time monitoring and analysis.
    Synchronizing with mainstream social platforms (Mircoblogs, SNS etc.), allowing real-time monitoring of customizable data, management of multiple accounts and easy communication with netizens.

  2. Optimizing of team cooperation to increase efficiency of workflow management.
    Task assignment and workflow management can quickly and clearly outline priorities, increase efficiency and streamline internal communication.

  3. Analyze the performance of brand accounts in multi-dimensions.
    Customize primary focus, monitor and measure online discussion, segmenting by specific user, keyword or content.

  4. Understand fan characteristics and online behaviors.
    Develop an understanding of a platform’s users, in terms of behavioral activity and motivation, as well as the value, effectiveness and reach of marketing activity.

  5. Easily access vast volumes of data.
    Social data is cached and archived within its own server for excavation by our advanced text mining technologies, making it easier to analyze huge quantities of data, while ensuring security and continuity.


Usage and Users of IWOMcooperatorTM
Social media marketers, researchers and operators can easily use IWOMcooperatorTM to manage social media accounts, analyze the data, monitor related information, participate in the online community, recognize opinion leaders, track consumer feedback and reply in a timely manner.