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What is IWOMexplorerTM?
IWOMexplorerTM is a platform for uncovering social media insight, offering fully integrated quantitative analysis of IWOM, utilizing Chinese semantic and text mining technology. The platform provides marketers and researchers with fast, flexible, multi-dimensional insight into mass IWOM to update industrial news, market intelligence about brands and strategies for promotion, social media marketing, product management, customer service and consumer research.IWOMexplorerTM adopts the leading Chinese semantic and text mining technology, integrating brand IWOM analysis and a high quality IWOM database, illustrating professional and authoritative IWOM data.


IWOMexplorerTM’s unique features:
Information collection and historical data accumulation:
Panel covers Chinese BBS and includes many years of accumulated industrial data.


Chinese semantic and text mining technology:
In-housed developed, patent pending proprietary technology based on peerless knowledge of China’s digital space.


Best IWOM performance:
Years of experience; CIC has established IWOM indexes that enable clients to understand the market and better fulfill client’s business requirements.


Multi-level, multi-view analysis:
Multi-dimensional IWOM analysis helps our clients to strategically plan from different levels, angles and desired outcomes.


Customized interface, flexible and convenient:
Display customized analysis results, for flexible and user friendly experience.


3rd party objectivity, professional and full-scale:
CIC’s 3rd party objectivity provides professional, full-scale IWOM evaluation in development of e-marketing solutions.


Currently Covered Categories via IWOMexplorerTM
Monitoring buzz since 2006, generated by 31.8 b netizens. We are collecting 1.3 b buzz over 4600 forums, including 0.8 m topics over 0.7m registered usernames, and over 4.6 m were related to brands/ products,5.1 m were related to drivers in 2010.


Mobile Phone
Covering buzz since 2006 generated by18 b netizens. We are collecting 8 m netizens` buzz over 6200 forums, including 0.8 m topics, over 1.3 registered usernames. We have defined 73 brands over 2900 models in this category.


Infant Milk Formula)
Sanlu affaire, increased consumers‘` attention to milk security, social media is providing this platform for consumers to get involved. We are collecting over 1.7 m netizens buzz, and most to 46 brands were defined in this category.


Usage and Users of IWOMexplorerTM
Those interested in brand related discussions or trends on social media can enjoy in-depth analysis of the related to brands and products. The usage of IWOMexplorerTM includes but is not limited to the following aspects:


  1. Brand Strategy
    Understand the hot issues affecting your industry.
  2. Social Media Marketing
    Marketing ideation and campaign design, media planning, communities and the evaluation of marketing effectiveness.
  3. Product Management
    Product related user feedback for 1st hand information.
  4. Customer Service
    Improve and upgrade products and services, find out the complaint hotspots and customer service management problems.
  5. Consumer Research
    What consumers are talking about, their concerns and purchase considerations.


IWOMexplorerTM Widgets

  • Category Buzz Volume Overview
  • Category IWOM Activity Analysis
  • Brand/Product Buzz Volume Overview
  • Brand/Product IWOM Activity Analysis
  • Top 10 Brands/Products Overview
  • Top 10 Drivers Overview
  • IWOM Health Analysis
  • Hot Topic Analysis
  • Hot Community Analysis
  • Top Efluencer Analysis