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Training Services


To help users get the most out of the platform, CIC offers standard and customized training to fit different the client’s needs.


1. Presale training:

1). Introduction of IWOM ( data collection, text mining, data representation and buzz indexes )
CIC has developed advanced technology based on China’s IWOM® to provide unique technical solutions in many aspects. Learn more


2).Introduction of IWOMdiscoverTM
Provides daily and weekly internet monitoring and tracking of social platforms including Weibo, SNS, forums, blogs, news portals, video sites and social Q&A.…Learn more


3). Introduction of IWOMexplorerTM
Leading Chinese semantic data mining and analysis technology that provides IWOM reports for sales and marketing professionals, allowing better focus on the right content and key consumers.…Learn more


4). Introduction of IWOMcooperatorTM
A social asset management platform for multiple social networking account maintenance, complete with tracking and analysis of each account.…Learn more


2.Training in product and service solutions:
Professional customer service team to provide you customized solutions.


3. After service training:

1).  We provide onsite training, to fully introduce our products.

2).  We help you understand the report indexes and share the skills that help you effectively set up subjects and key words.

3).  We offer message and remote guidance facility.

4).  We provide field training and hold lectures regularly.

5). Sharing successful cases to inform you how to best listen to the buzz and deliver core value.
6).  We will list the most frequently asked questions. If you want to learn more, you can contact our service team.



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