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A lot of consumers express their feelings about brands, products or services on the Internet. With the rapid development of social media platforms, IWOM is spread quicker than ever and it’s ever more important for corporations to monitor and maintain their reputation on the Internet.


Market research and strategic planning departments are confronted with the same challenge. In the past, they collected information through news clippings, offline surveys or guild statistics. It was slow and expensive. Now, we can utilize social media conversations to understand our industries and competitors.


In CIC’s view, listening to IWOM is of vital importance.


Case Study:
An auto corporation wanted to know the IWOM surrounding its brand and competitors. They also needed to follow consumers’ feedback on their marketing activities. We utilized IWOMmaster to monitor topics related to the brand and competitors. Although the volume of IWOM is usually very large, IWOMmasterTM can store these conversations, cleanse repetitive information and mine the text. With this platform, corporations can find out daily and weekly hot topics in consumers’ feedback on consulting, buying and experience sharing. Utilizing patent pending semantic analysis techniques, IWOMmaster can automatically set early-warning indexes so this corporation can cater to potentially sensitive topics promptly. For example, it found that a complaint about a 4S store caused netizens’ discussion and thought these discussions may turn into a crisis. This prompted the store to improve service and communicate with their consumers in a more open and friendly manner. Furthermore, IWOMdiscover provides multi-dimensional indexes, allowing corporations to get messages from a range of uniquely Chinese social media platforms, including blogs, BBS and social network sites.


IWOMdiscoverTM is an IWOM monitoring engine for marketing, PR and media practitioners. You can conveniently track variation tendency in concerned topics, making brand tracking, PR crisis, industry intelligence collection, competitor analysis, consumer research, new product tracking, online media acquisitions, campaign feedback, hot issues tracking, news digging and other online monitoring easy and reliable. Its advanced semantic analysis engine can effectively and accurately sort the content.


Brands need to understand consumer insight and make sense of the buzz within China's social Internet communities for better product development.


Brands can acquire inspiration of product R&D and advertising originality from IWOM. Advertising and media agencies need to know industry IWOM and understand netizen behaviors to design accurate Internet marketing plans, choose suitable sites and engage with suitable efluencers.


Case Study:

A 4A advertising agency cooperated with a famous cosmetics brand in studying customer insight to design a better campaign. IWOMexplorerTM helped this client concentrate on the mainstream cosmetics community. The agency searched conversations about the industry, products and attributes, analyzing the passion, participation, creativity and interaction of the community. Via systematic analysis, CIC uncovered various online activities, like “grabbing the floor” and “Shai”, which could generate conversation and participation within the community. After tracking the passion of every blogger and forum user, they singled out opinion leaders in different communities. The agency designed an original marketing plan based on these conversations, successfully implemented it and achieved their client’s praise.


IWOMexplorerTM is a social media analytics center, utilizing advanced Chinese semantic analysis and data mining techniques. It also provides various charts for IWOM data visualization, allowing marketers and researchers to understand a particular industry’s IWOM; their online buzz dynamics, consumer insight, digital PR and campaign effectiveness.


Brands need to connect with the Chinese Internet community.


Corporations are increasingly setting up digital marketing departments or even teams with a specific social media focus and as a result, a deep understanding of the Internet community, an organizational framework for operations, means of response to netizen feedback and overall social communications strategy are becoming core elements for enterprise in the era of social business.


Case Study:

In establishing an official SINA Weibo account, a brand found they were unsure of how best to employ microblog operating practices in China. CIC not only provide microblog analysis, helping brands to understand discussions about their industry, but also insights that form microblog marketing strategy. We provided an IWOMmasterTM trial, allowing them to cooperatively manage several microblog accounts simultaneously.

The client also set up microblog monitoring channels to listen to the conversations about their brand, products, services and marketing activities, as well as deal with consumers’ feedback. Utilizing microblog analysis, brands can evaluate their online marketing activities with ease. After analyzing fans’ sharing behaviors, brands can adjust content calendars to improve sharing and engagement. IWOMcooperatorTM can provide demographic information including location and gender of fans, which can improve audience targeting and offer insight into content resonance.


IWOMcooperatorTM is the social media monitoring and management platform for China, integrating your social business needs; tracking and analysis, multiple account management, task assignment and team operation, efluencer identification, analytical visualizations and much more.