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Technical Advantage

CIC has developed advanced technology based on IWOM® development in China to provide unique technical solutions. Utilizing patent pending text mining technology and analytic tools, CIC makes sense of over 88 million naturally occurring consumer comments every month. CIC gathers these messages from a range of uniquely Chinese social media platforms including blogs, BBS and social network sites and applies China derived methodologies and indexes to provide a detailed and comprehensive picture of online discussions and their implications. CIC has analyzed and archived well over 3.8 billion mentions of brands and products from over a billion consumer comments. CIC provides a customized IWOM service including data collection, mining and visualization, all of which leverage our proprietary IWOMized technology to fit your technical needs on various levels.


Data Collection - Comprehensively Cover China's Social Media Landscape


IWOMmaster's technologies provide , collecting over 88 million consumer comments each month related to brands, products and services from 18 industries including automobile, mobile phone, cosmetics,IT product and service, and FMCG. We don't limit our collecting of data to mainstream social media sites, like BBS and news sites, we also research platforms, including microblogs, video sharing sites, Q&A forums, SNS, and E-commerce sites.


IWOM Overall Data to March 2010
Cosmetics: Total 45.4 million comments from 2.7 million consumers
Sports: Total 81.7 million comments from 1.8 million consumers
Hardware: Total 39.8 million comments from 2.2 million consumers
Luxury: Total 3.4 million comments from 443,000 consumers
Education: Total 3.9 million comments from 260,000 consumers
Automobile: Total 317.5 million comments from 3.2 million consumers
Baby care: Total 73.1 million comments from 14 million consumers
Mobile phone: Total 184.3 million comments from 840,000 consumers
Pharma: Total 32.9 million comments from 618,000 consumers
E-commerce: Total 20.3 million comments from consumers
Others: FMCG, Food & Beverage, Gaming & Software, Travel & Entertainment, Finance, Electronic Appliance, etc.


Data Mining - Advanced Chinese Text Mining Technology


IWOMmasterTM is a premium online tool to help you access and analyze content from a broad range of Chinese social media. With CIC's patent pending text mining techniques and industry taxonomies, you can analyze the mentions and sentiment contained within tens of millions of consumer comments about brands, products and relevant attributes.

IWOMmasterTM's text mining system is powered by semantic clustering technologies to 'slice and dice' massive volumes of consumer comments, utilizing comprehensive industry taxonomies coupled with sophisticated indexes that reference time, date, source and author. This technology allows users to track themes, campaigns and issues from various angles. In other words, our automatic text mining technologies offer much more than a simple search for keywords but rather a comprehensive content analysis.


Data Calculation - Secure, Stable, Massive & Automatic Data Saving and Processing


CIC has analyzed and archived well over 3.8 billion mentions of brands and products since 2004. With the explosive increase in volume of social media data, mining occupies ever more calculation and processing resources. IWOMmasterTM processes a huge volume of data through a Cloud Platform; secure and effective means of storing and processing multi-dimensional data.



Data Representation & Buzz Indexes


IWOMmasterTM's pioneering and proprietary buzz indexes are designed to give users a comprehensive, efficient and effective analysis of the research objective. IWOMmasterTM evaluates Brands, E-communities and Efluencers in terms of online interaction from multiple angles, giving users a detailed understanding of the dynamics of IWOM and the Internet community. In addition, the system supports search across brands, products, attributes, e-communities and efluencers based on qualified conversational data. 


Campaign Measurement

  • Campaign buzz volume
  • Campaign benchmark comparison
  • Campaign keyword association


E-community and Efluencer Tracking and Measuremen

  • Category related community ranking by proprietary indexes including volume of posts, conversations, passion, and creativity
  • Product and driver-related community analysis
  • Efluencer analysis by passion, influence and network size
  • Tweet dissemination analysis and efluencer tracking


Hot Topic Exploration

  • Similar article number
  • Search engine exposure rate
  • Media distribution